Wedding Lighting. Should my wedding lighting come from my wedding DJ?

It comes down to the old adage – Jack of all trades, master of none.

How can there be an “all-in-one” when it comes to lights, music, and photography?  Expertise in these areas requires three distinct skill sets. Would you trust your caterer to also provide the flowers?  Would you trust your cake baker to also print your invitations? Of course not. So why would you expect wedding lighting from your wedding DJ, and in some cases even photography?

The need for lighting should be based on your venue, your vision for the night and the vibe you are trying to achieve.  With wedding lighting, it is what you see that makes it special and what you see is directly related to what lighting gear is chosen.

If you have found a one-stop-shop that will cover your wedding lighting and wedding DJ needs, chances are they have set gear that is trendy or was trendy when they bought it.  Set lighting gear rarely works for a wide variety of scenarios and doesn’t offer much customization. Understand why you are getting lights — do you have a vision and a set need for them, or is it because this one-stop-shop is throwing them in?

Keep in mind that many venues have in-house lighting designed for their space and they offer dance floor lighting as well.   If you have a vision that is beyond the scope of the venue, hire an expert who can help customize the look and feel of your wedding with proper gear.  There are many wedding lighting and event design companies available that will work closely with you to create the perfect ambiance, whether it is a lounge vibe, romantic, or modern style that reflects the feeling you are trying to project for the event.

If you have decided to enhance the ambiance of your wedding with specialized lighting, the lights require oversight, adjustments and the proper professional equipment. If your wedding DJ is also your lighting guy, then one of his tasks isn’t being done.  He is either not attending to the lights or is not DJing.

Many mobile wedding DJs boost sales with cheap lighting equipment to appeal to more wedding clients.  Ultimately, however, the job of a great wedding DJ during your big day is to keep you and your guests dancing.  You certainly don’t want the flow of the music or the announcements disrupted because your wedding DJ is fiddling with the lighting or fog machines.

Let the wedding DJ concentrate on what they do best: building the perfect soundtrack for your big day!


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*Source: The Wedding Report 2012.

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