Questions to ask of your prospective wedding DJ

Here is a list of questions to run through with your prospective wedding DJ or wedding DJ service. As you interview wedding DJs, keep in mind this article on What Makes a Great Wedding DJ.

Wedding DJ Questions:

  1. Are you a service with multiple wedding DJs or a sole proprietor DJ?
  2. If a service, how do you determine which wedding DJ will play at my wedding?  Is it based on who is available on my date?
  3. What happens if there’s been an emergency with my wedding DJ a few days prior to my wedding date and the DJ is no longer able to perform?
  4. How do you prepare to DJ a wedding?
  5. What kind of equipment do you use?
  6. Will you actually be mixing and blending songs during the reception or will you be playing a preset selection?
  7. What if we want you to build out the entire playlist based on our preferences?  Can you do that? Does this change the costs in any way?
  8. Do you have liability insurance?
  9. How long have you been a wedding DJ?
  10. Other than weddings, what other types of events do you perform at?

Asking the above wedding DJ questions before you actually hire your wedding DJ will give you a better feel for the quality of entertainment provided and make sure you get the right wedding DJ for your event!


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Wedding Planning Facts

  • During wedding planning, brides said entertainment is among the least of their priorities...Yet, within one week after their WEDDING, nearly 80% said they would have made the entertainment their highest priority.
  • 72% of brides surveyed say they would have spent more time choosing their wedding entertainment, and nearly 100% of brides say that they would have spent more of their budget on it.
  • When asked, 81% of guests said what they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment.

*Source: The Wedding Report 2012.

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How to Hire a Wedding DJ

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