My Parents Want A Wedding Band

We want a DJ but my parents want a band. Help!

We often hear this plea:  ”HELP! We want a wedding DJ but my parents want a band.”

We get it. You want a DJ. And not some cheesy MC.  No, you want someone to bring a bit of club-level cool and musical sophistication to your event who shatters the myth that all wedding DJs are playing the electric slide and wearing a sparkly blazer.

You are not alone. More and more couples are opting to hire a wedding DJ rather than a band for their wedding. The 2012 edition of The Wedding Report, which provides wedding research and statistics nationwide, reports that of over 2 million weddings with music at their reception, only 28% hired a band.  The overwhelming majority went with a wedding DJ.

The article Wedding DJ or a Band outlines five distinct reasons why a wedding DJ is better than a band. Arm yourself with these clear cut reasons, but if a band is an absolute MUST, there are a couple of options that could appease everyone.

Option 1 - hire both a wedding DJ and a band so everyone is happy.   Many couples are bringing on a band to perform during the first half of the reception to appease the more mature guests.  After a couple of hours, the wedding DJ takes over and brings on the dance party vibe to accommodate the younger guests along with the couple.

Option 2 – hire a musician to accompany the wedding DJ throughout the night.  One of the biggest trends in wedding music right now is to have the wedding DJ perform with a musician or group of musicians to create a unique sound that will make the evening unforgettable. Have a percussionist accompany the DJ during cocktail hour. Or find an electric violinist or a saxophone player to play right along the wedding DJ during your reception. The mix of live music along with the original track is unique and creates a special atmosphere that appeals to all ages.

Either of the options ensures everyone can have their (wedding) cake and eat it too!


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Wedding Planning Facts

  • During wedding planning, brides said entertainment is among the least of their priorities...Yet, within one week after their WEDDING, nearly 80% said they would have made the entertainment their highest priority.
  • 72% of brides surveyed say they would have spent more time choosing their wedding entertainment, and nearly 100% of brides say that they would have spent more of their budget on it.
  • When asked, 81% of guests said what they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment.

*Source: The Wedding Report 2012

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Questions to ask of your prospective wedding DJ

Questions to ask of your prospective wedding DJ

Here is a list of questions to run through with your prospec